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Originally from Denver, Colorado, Nicolette Daniel has lived in San Antonio since 1994. She has appeared on several Texas stages with her band and also as a National Anthem singer at Retama Park and Wolffe Stadium. Nicolette’s superior talent and her witty personality mark her as an artist for whom the stars truly shine. Nicolette dominates the stage with her strong vocals, distinctive sound, and her versatile style. With enough style, grace, and charm to fill the state of Texas, she enchants audiences wherever she appears. Her energetic style and gutsy vocals slip into country music with the ease a cowgirl slips on her favorite pair of boots.

Nicolette is an extremely versatile artist who can sing any style of music from rock to jazz and even opera. As a classically trained singer, she can sing for long periods of time without damaging her voice. Her performances are energetic and she puts one hundred percent into each and every song. She prides herself on her ability to prepare for a performance at a short notice. She keeps a full repertoire of songs and is constantly adding to her song list. “I guess I’m like a girl scout, I’m always prepared.”

A big fan of country music, Nicolette credits her desire to pursue a career in this industry to Tricia Yearwood, Patsy Cline, and Patty Loveless. “These artists put so much into their work, they made such an impact on their listeners. “Nicole states. “I only hope I can do one tenth as much as they have done for country music,” says Nicolette. “I don’t try to pattern myself after anyone, I just want to be known for being a passionate performer who makes people feel something. I want them to smile, laugh and cry,” she adds. “If you can’t feel the song you’re singing, the audience can’t feel it either. When I’m performing a song, I’m so caught up in it that it becomes just me and the song.”

Nicolette puts everything into her performances, and it shows every time she is on stage, leaving the audience calling for more.