Nicolette Daniel Stars as Patsy Cline

Nicolette Daniel at Pasty Cline
Nicolette Daniel as Pasty Cline in “Aways…Patsy Cline” – Aug 2021

Always..Patsy Cline

Nicolette was selected to portray the legendary Pasty Cline in this iconic musical produced by The Federicksburg Theater Company in August 2021. Audiences raved about her performances asking if the show was tracked. Some members of the audience who had known Cline personally, told Nicolette that she captured the artist to a T and they looked forward to more performances from her, even asking her to come to their hometown.

Nicole has always loved Patsy Cline’s voice and it was a great honor that she was given a chance to pay tribute to her idol in this role of a lifetime.

Gotta Lotta Rhythm Video:

Nicolette slips into the velvetty vocals of Patsy like a cowgirl slips on a pair of boots.

FTC Music Director, Darrin Newhardt
Nicolette Daniel as Patsy Cline
Nicolette Daniel as Pasty Cline in “Aways…Patsy Cline” – Aug 2021

I knew Patsy Cline and you sound just like her!

Audience Member

About the Show

Having received widespread acclaim whilst touring the country, this loving musical tribute to the tragic country star is the perfect blend of rememberance and celebration, as it is viewed through the eyes of her pen friend, Louise Seger and gives a unique insight into the doomed singer. Featuring 27 songs in all, they include Crazy, I Fall to Pieces, Sweet Dreams and Walking After Midnight. A must-see show for Cline fans!

Dying at only age 30 in a plane crash, Cline is regarded as one of the biggest lost stars of music, alongside the likes of Buddy Holly. This honest and heartfelt memoir with music is told from the view of Seger, who befriended the star in a Texas honky-tonk in l961, and started a penpal friendship with Cline until her death only two years later.