EP Delayed

Nicolette and Bobby Flores -BAM Studios, September 2021

Hello friends. We’ve had a setback in the release of my album. My amazing producer, Bobby, is going through some medical challenges. I ask for those that pray to do so.

Update June 28. 2022 via Facebook:
My heart is so heavy right now. I just learned a few hours ago that my friend and producer, Bobby Flores, has passed away. He had been battling cancer since last September but did not make it known to many, including myself, until early this year.

A friend of mine introduced me to Bobby in 1997 when I was working on my country album in Nashville. I fell in love with one of his songs, “There Oughta’ Be a Law”, he had recorded with his sister years before. I liked it so much that I decided super last minute to record it and throw it in as track number 11 on my debut album.

We kept in touch over the years as I had thought about doing another album. I kept putting it off but one day last year I called him and told him I was finally ready. In August and we began a wonderful journey to create my second country album. We wrote a couple of songs together and I am grateful that we completed one for my EP. It was like magic working with him. I sang the melody and he penned out all of the chords perfectly into a Nashville Number System chart. He truly was a musical genius. I might dare to say, he was a modern day Mozart.

He worked hours on end teaching his music students, producing and promoting solo artists and groups, and touring with his band.

Each time I went to the studio, he would greet me with a warm embrace and smile. All the while, he knew he had cancer. He could have backed out and I would have understood but he didn’t say a word. This speaks immensely to his strength and dedication.

I do know he was a man of faith and I know that’s what kept him going, kept him smiling, kept him creating music.

I am thankful to have a video of a rough mixing session for one of the songs we wrote together. I am hopeful that I can take what’s been done and get my album created when the time is right. What I care about most, is Bobby’s family and friends as they navigate this horrible loss. Here is his GoFundMe page https://gofund.me/f248755b which is still accepting donations for medical bills. Follow the band page or visit his website for updates on a memorial.

I mourn with his family, friends, and those all over the country whose lives were enriched by this amazingly talented musician and kind man. Texas stages will not be the same without his boots tapping to the beat of his fiddle and guitar. I know he is playing up there even more perfectly than he did down here.

God Bless you, Bobby. Rest well.